We Are One Travel is an American based company with cyber offices in the USA and Mexico, that has been selling Mexico exclusively for over 20 years and has provided thousands of travelers with cultural and adventure packages throughout the country on private and customized itineraries. We Are One Travel is now branching out to South America as well, starting in 2017, in order to offer off the beaten path trips there that are also private and designed specifically around your activity level and interests.  You are guaranteed real expertise when working with WAOT and an insiders knowledge and experience. All our trips are packaged by hand-picked local tour operators in each destination we sell in order to provide you with the very best in travel services. 

Please send us an email today if you would like to start planning your next vacation to Mexico or South America. 

We highly suggest you look over our Trip Ideas page to help you consider what kind of vacation you'd like to have. You can visit several countries on a combined trip that is several months long, or you can stick to just one country or region of that country in order to see it on a more in-depth scale. 


Why Should You Use a Travel Consultancy Company ?

1) We will get to know you personally and will discover your likes/dislikes and what you are looking for to help tailor your vacation experience.  Organizing the perfect vacation is not always about price but rather about the travel experience. This is where we really shine!


2) We are our customers advocate.  When there is a problem with anything,  our clients do not wait on hold for hours at a time with a given supplier, instead you simply call us and we'll deal with the suppliers directly to sort out any issues for you. Since we also have a personal relationship with the suppliers we use through our own company, we will be able to give our clients preferred service and faster response than if you had to deal with these entities on your own.


3) We can recommend great ideas, trips and  tours for our customers based on our own personal experience.  The online agencies do not offer the personal experience that a travel advisor can give you. We attend conferences throughout the year, on different destinations throughout Mexico and South America, attending webinars almost weekly to enhance our knowledge of any given area. Chances are that if you are visiting a destination we sell, then one of our incredibly knowledgeable reservations specialists have been there several times, personally, and really know the area well. 


4) We only deal with reputable companies that are in good  business standing, who have great reputations, back up their products and supply good services.


5) We offer our clients value added information like when hurricane season is, how important travel insurance is, how important it is to have a seat number on a flight so you do not get bumped, if there are travel warnings where you may be traveling, what the local currency is in the country you are visiting, what local customs are, and even at times what the best restaurant is or which one to avoid. Our information on most areas is extensive.


6) Consumers can spend days or even weeks searching for their perfect vacation information, or rather just email us and we can do this work for you. This is what we do!


7) All our vacation packages are customized to you, the client, so what you get is exactly what you want on the dates you want them. We do not do group tours that lump a bunch of strangers on to a trip to fill a quota that is all about the bottom line for the tour operator. Everything we set up for you is 100% private and designed just for you. 


8) Your vacation package will include all taxes, credit card processing fees and booking fees so there are no hidden fees of any kind to surprise you later.

We Know Latin America!

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