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We Are One Travel is a travel consultancy company that works in Mexico and South America to provide you with the most interesting and unique itineraries to most of Latin America. We specialize in off the beaten path types of itineraries, including focus on the 10 Routes of Mexico that break up Mexico into bite sized pieces so travelers can better understand and appreciate what is special about each region. In South America, we design trips based on your activity level, interests and time frame so that you can see and do the most with the time you have. You can combine trips through different countries at one time to make a longer, more diverse trip, or you can focus on one Latin American country at a time in order to see it in a more in-depth manner.

All the example trip ideas on this site highlight specific areas of the 10 Routes of Mexico, but are just a sampling of the different destinations we can book for you in Mexico and South America. Whatever you have in mind for your next vacation is what we will create just for you.

For example; have a look at this wonderful video brought to you by the Mexico Tourism Board to get a preview of the delights awaiting you in Mexico!

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